Male Enhancement Hypnosis


This video is intended for male viewers only. For best results watch daily for about a period of a month (ideally 6 to 12 weeks) , depending on how much growth you want.

This hypnosis does work, and have had viewers write me telling me they’ve seen significant improvement.

Hypnosis allows you to direct the subconscious mind to program the cells in your body to achieve desired results.

It is recommended that the viewer lie down, or sit in a comfortable chair. Using stereo headphones is also recommended.

“Male Enhancement Hypnosis” (Video):

Quit Smoking Hypnosis


You can quit smoking. You know you need to stop smoking. Making the decision to give up smoking and quite cigarettes is the first step to getting back control over your life and your health. Kicking a smoking habit is a challenge for many. This video will help give you the motivation to quit smoking.

This hypnosis video is designed to help smokers to give up smoking and quit cigarettes. Repeated listening is the key to success for this self hypnosis video to be effective on you.

“Quit Smoking Hypnosis” (Video):