‘Stop Trying To Figure Out How It Will Happen’ (Ascension)

The key to the Law of Attraction is to stop trying to figure out how your manifestation may come into your reality. Trust and patience is the foundation for using The Law of Attraction successfully.


The key to the Law of Attraction is to stop trying to figure out how your manifestation may come into your reality. Trust and patience is the foundation for using The Law of Attraction successfully.


How To Stop Negative Thoughts [Video: Blaze Mordecai]

In the video below, I will teach you how to stop negative thoughts. Also, I will teach you where negative thought patterns emanate from.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts Purple Blaze MordecaiIn the video below, I will teach you how to stop negative thoughts. Also, I will teach you where negative thought patterns emanate from. Negative thought patterns over time become negative entities. Negative voices in our mind which are completely Ego (fear) based.

Since our thoughts work in accordance with our Chakras, and The Law of Attraction. If we are thinking negative thoughts we are also attracting negative and painful results.

Are you ready to be happy? Are you ready to shift your consciousness and embody your higher self? Only you can decide, but you are so worth it. You deserve a better life!

Most times, these negative thought patterns are picked up in childhood, our parents, at school, etc. Its time to learn how to dissolve these negative thoughts. So, we can attract ONLY positives! Then, nothing will be able to stop us. This takes time and patience.

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai

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“Blaze Mordecai: How To Stop Negative Thoughts” [Video]:

Blaze Mordecai, BOLDLY Predicts His Future

Blaze Mordecai, gives 25 predictions for his future.

00_40_TBMSNETHey! I hope you’re doing awesome and enjoying your life. I Am. The video below is of me speaking about the future that I’m creating behind the scenes. I give 25 major predictions that will occur in the future. Since I was a small child I had the ability to say something and it would come into reality. I had no idea that this was a spiritual law known as The Law of Attraction. Most people on earth use this law against themselves and I did once too.

The power of the mind and imagination is endless. Albert Einstein, stated this as well and we can have the life we want if we put in the mind work and energy healing. Learning to live from love, rather than the negativity we’ve been programmed with. There is a reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Its where they put their attention. God bless you. Enjoy the video. Thank you for visiting my website!

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai

“Blaze Mordecai, BOLDLY Predicts His Future [Video]:

Ancient Sanskrit Indian Chant For Attracting Prosperity, Healing, & Good Luck

This video is of an old ancient sanskrit indian chant sung by Dr. Joe Vitale himself.

abundanceparadigmThe video below is from “The Abundance Paradigm” audiobook by Joe Vitale which can be purchased here. This video is of an old ancient sanskrit indian chant sung by Dr. Joe Vitale himself.

On the audiobook, Joe Vitale, even goes into his own story a bit. He became a homeless man and went through many difficult traumas while living on the streets. He doesn’t go into what they were nor do we need to know. The point is this “if a homeless man such as, Joe Vitale, who had and healed PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) with the power of his mind would later go on to become a multi-millionaire. So, can you and I that is if we are ready to put in the nessecary time, work and patience to do so. It is said “the only limitations we have are the ones we create for ourselves.” Poverty is the result of an inner state of consciousness. It is the result of repressed fear..Nothing more.

Thank you, visiting our website. I hope you enjoy it and let’s begin the video now.

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai

“Ancient Sanskrit Indian Chant” For Attracting Prosperity & Healing (Video):

The Law of Abundance

blaze mordecai abundance mindsetUNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law of ABUNDANCE

Abundance means free-flowing love, happiness, joy, success, prosperity, vitality, generosity, laughter and all the positive things in life.

The Law of Abundance can also be called the Law of Opulence and the Law of Success. The flow of Abundance is directed towards you, but your beliefs, thoughts, memories and self-worthiness creates barriers to receiving it. It is up to us to remove the beliefs which block our flow of abundance.

Love is about enjoying all of your relationships. We block our due abundance of love when we close our hearts. Our beliefs and fears about rejection and hurt make us close our hearts. They cause us to either cling onto unhealthy relationships or emotionally withdraw. We stop loving when our mind takes over and we see the imperfection of the other. This forms blocks to the flow of love.

Success is a state of mind, not a particular achievement. When all of your focus is on reaching a specific goal, nominated as ‘success’, there is a moment of elation at the moment of the achievement – but then you have to set another one and strive again, so success is not about trying to change the flow, which just leads to stress, frustration and loss of self-worth.

Abundant success is about flowing along with life, taking advantage of the currents, and enjoying the journey. True success is a sense of inner satisfaction and fulfillment.

To really live basked in the flow of abundance one must understand the energetic vibration of ‘give and take’. The more we allow ourselves to receive, the better we feel inside. Then, when feeling full and content within, we are genuinely able to nurture others. When you allow yourself to be nurtured regularly (eg. eating healthful, nourishing meals) you don’t yearn with neediness. When there is a natural ‘in and out’ flow of love, caring and nurturing in our lives, we feel balanced and abundant in all ways.

However much you may want for the abundance you see, the Universe will not bring it to you until you prove that you are ready to receive and accept it graciously. The Law of Abundance is quite basic. If you want more friends in your life, be friendly towards others. Change your fear-based beliefs that block the abundant flow of friendliness and friendship.

blaze mordecai money

If you want more happiness in your life, express and live happiness. This on its own will make you feel happier and will draw the flow of happiness to you.

If you want more caring and nurturing in your life, remove the barriers that stop you from receiving and you will send out the right energy, and the people around you will automatically nurture you. Material things flow to you when you have an abundance consciousness.

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai

Source: http://universalspirituallaws.blogspot.com/


The Law of Attraction

Learn how to use ‘The Law of Attraction’ to transform your health, life and finances.

nap-hill-loaUNIVERSAL LAWS – The Law of Attraction

“To better understand the Law of Attraction, see yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling. And so, if you are feeling fat, you cannot attract thin. If you are feeling poor, you cannot attract prosperity. And so on. It defies Law.

The more you come to understand the power of the Law of Attraction, the more interest you will have in deliberately directing your thoughts—for you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Without exception, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience.”

The first Law of the Universe is ‘As above so below’. ‘Peace within leads to peace in your life’. Your body is a mirror of your deep, often unconscious, inner feelings. This law applies to the physical body. Inner feelings are reflected in the way we build our bodies.

· If we feel emotionally or sexually vulnerable inside, we may develop a protective layer of fat over our abdomen and hips, as these are the places where we hold our emotions and sexuality.
· If at an inner level we feel unlovable, we may build a big chest to protect our heart centre. ie. muscle/body builders with muscley chests are often hiding feelings of vulnerability. A woman will unconsciously build big breast to indicate her need to nurture or to be nurtured.
· If we feel deep inside that we must shoulder the responsibility for our family or even the world, we build ourselves big shoulders. If, on the other hand, we have no intention or desire to carry responsibility, we build sloping shoulders that allow burdens to slip off.
· If you have a pain in the neck, ask yourself, ‘Who or what am I allowing to be a pain in the neck?’
· A pain in the backside – ‘Who is the pain in the backside?’
· A pain in the heart – ‘Who am I allowing to hurt me?’
· Indigestion – ‘What experience can’t I assimilate or stomach.’
· An ache – ‘Who or what am I aching for?’
· Unable to hear clearly – ‘What don’t I want to hear’ or ‘Who don’t I want to listen to?’
· Stiff hips – ‘How can I change my attitude to moving forward?’
· Anything on the right side of the body mirrors attitudes to do with the masculine,
men, the future or our career.
· The left side reflects the feminine aspects, our attitude to women, the past or our home life.
· Our animals will reflect your inner qualities back to you. If your animals have seemingly different characteristics, each one is representing a part of your personality – that is why it has come into your life.

‘As soon as you are ready to ask for help you are ready to receive it. You are ready to accept the wisdom that goes with it. Then the higher powers will align themselves to help you.’ You unconsciously transmit your energy out to the Universe. Some of your qualities are magnetic and others repellant. You have drawn towards yourself everyone and everything that is in your life. In regards to the people in our lives, we attract these which represent something about ourselves, be it good or bad, positive or negative. People who do not resonate with our energetic frequency are not attracted to us.

blaze mordecai the law of attractionThe vibration you emit is made up of your conscious and unconscious energy – some repellant, some magnetic, some neutral. The underlying law is ‘like attracts like’. We attract into our lives people and situations that have similar vibrations to our own.

Negative qualities such as depression, neediness, selfishness, desperation, greediness, unkindness or thoughtlessness transmit on a low frequency. If we have these elements in our personalities we will magnetize someone with similar energy into your life.

Positive qualities such as love, happiness, kindness, delight and generosity transmit on a higher frequency energy and magnetizes people with similar energy into your life.

Look around you and note the characters around you in your life. They are in your life for a reason. Our underlying beliefs attract situations and people to us. If you have a belief that you are not deserving, you will attract people into your life who mirror that belief back to you by treating you badly.

If you believe that you have to serve others, you will attract people who need to be looked after in some way.

If you believe that no one could possibly understand you, you will magnetize and attract people who do not understand you.

The person who keeps drawing the same type of person into their lives is continuing to broadcast the same message.

The Law of Attraction works on many levels. If you are out of harmony with life you may attract food which disagrees with you.

If you think self-critical thoughts then you are taking little swipes at yourself. If you are burying rage you may draw in attack. If you feel you do things because you feel you ‘should’ or feel obligated, then you are in bondage. You will attract situations and people that keep you bound. If you think negative thoughts you will attract negative people and situations. If you are sending out positive energy, you will attract help when you need it.

The inner attracts the outer. If something in your outer world is not what you want it to be, look inside and shift how you feel about yourself. You will then automatically attract different people and experiences to you.

Do not send out negative energy and wait for a disaster to be magnetized towards you.
Send out positive energy and wait for a miracle to be drawn towards you.

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Mordecai